Is Instagram a good social networking site?

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In the present world, we all live a life that is public to a great extent. The internet gives us endless access to innumerable platforms that can be used to connect with the important people in our life. Instagram is one such social networking site that is quickly gaining immense popularity among the masses. More than a million users are using or have used this app till date, according to their statistics. It is an amazing way to connect to your loved ones or share your day and life with the entire world.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an online photo-sharing social networking site through which you can capture, edit and share photos either privately or publicly on the app. It is also connected to several other networking sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and Twitter enabling you to share your pictures on them too. Initially, the site only allowed uploading of pictures in a square shape, but now you can upload any picture of any configuration. You can also capture and upload videos. There are a variety of filters available for you to enhance your picture. It was released as an individual website, but in April 2012, it was bought by Facebook. It is available as an online website and a smartphone app.


     Pictures – You can upload any picture you want. Pictures can be of any size and any resolution. High-resolution images are also supported. You can choose a filter from a variety of options such as Hefe, Amaro, Nashville, Sierra, Willow, and Ludwig.

     Following – You can follow any person or company’s Instagram account from anywhere around the world. Once you start following them, your feed will show their posts as soon as they upload it. This keeps you updated with the lives of all your acquaintances.

     Geotag – You can add geological information or location information to any picture you upload. Instagram will use your system’s GPS to know your exact location.

     Instagram Direct – You can use this for direct messaging. It allows private as well as group chats. You can send texts, emoji, images and videos to anyone. A new feature that has been added in 2016 is disappearing images and videos. You can send anyone a picture or video through Direct and it will automatically disappear after the receiver has viewed it. This adds to the privacy of chatting.

     Hashtags – Hashtags are a way of saying what is important in your photo. For example, you might be a foodie and love uploading food photography in which case you can add any tag such as ‘#foodlove’ while describing your image. Instagram brings together images with the same hashtags. These are a good way for people with similar interests to connect.

     Advertisements – You can advertise your business in the carousel ads that appear in the app.

     Instagram Insights – This is a connected app that helps businesses keep track of their business profiles, analytics and promotion options.

     Instagram Stories – This appears in your main feed page. Videos are generated for each user using their uploaded pictures. You can show your entire day’s or week’s events as a video. You can also upload live videos which can be removed after you stop recording.

     Explore – You can use this tab to see uploads by other users that you are not following. They are users who have a public account and may have similarity to your searches, uploads or hashtags.

This is the best site if you do not have time to write long posts but love taking pictures of every important event in your life. Just install the app on your phone and start clicking and uploading away. Be in touch with your loved ones, friends and favorite celebrities wherever you are whenever you want.

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